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Sana Pharma - Varicose Vein Topical Ointment - Ruscovein

The varicose vein topical ointment - Ruscovein by Sana Pharma, based in Jordan - Asia, is composed of natural ingredients that provide a healing effect for the pain caused by varicose vein.

Scientific name
Pain relief ointment
Dermatology & Skincare
Made in
Medical line
Sold to
  • Pharmacies
  • Clinic
Selling points

Product overview

Based in Jordan - Asia, Sana Pharma is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical and skincare products. They provide the varicose vein topical ointment - Ruscovein which can be directly applied to the affected areas to alleviate pain resulted from varicose vein.

Product highlights

  • It can be used safely and doesn’t show any side effects.
  • The ointment reduces swelling and enhances the look of ankles and legs.
  • The product helps improve the capillary flow and vascular circulation.
  • Additional benefits of the product include the strengthening of connective tissue and relieving of aching, itching, and other irritating feelings on the legs skin.

About the company

Sana Phrama is a manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. They follow international standards and regulations in the manufacturing of our products. The products are manufactured in dedicated laboratories with innovative solutions for medical conditions, thanks to the following of ongoing research and development.

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