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About Shifli Gulf

Companies in the healthcare field make sure to be of great use to the public and offers a helping hand to all those who need it. In Kuwait it is known to care about people's health and is very keen on providing everything the people way need for health lives. Shifli Gulf is one of the companies who took a step towards the medical field in the year 2005 and was able to prove how they are truly worth the trust of many.

Shifli Gulf specializes in the following fields and offers pharmaceuticals such as supplements, and medicines for constipation and obesity, and other various cases, in addition to cosmetics and skin care products. They are doing a great job supplying the people with a variety of useful product to ease their lives.

They are really concerned with forming new partnerships that would be useful to them and to the market. They are already partnered up with companies such as Boscogen, Aurafix, and cosmoproject. 

Shifli Gulf is continuing to grow and expand and always be updated with new methods and technologies practiced in the medical world.