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Mercator Medical - Rubber Gloves

The rubbers gloves by Mercator, based in Thailand - Asia, are a range of gloves that are used in many situations as protection for hands from possible hazardous sources.

Scientific name
Medical gloves
Medical Clothing
Made in
Medical line
Sold to
  • Health care center
  • Medical practice
Selling points
  • CE Mark Certified
  • FDA Certified
  • ISO Certified
  • Well-represented Worldwide

Product overview

Based in Thailand - Asia, Mercator  is a manufacturer of medical consumables including the rubbers gloves. They come in various specifications and characteristics to suit the varying needs of hospital applications.

Product highlights

  • The list includes various types of rubber gloves.
  • There are latex gloves that are pre-powdered.
  • There are latex gloves that are free from powder.
  • The collection includes a special type of powdered gloves used for high-risk tasks.
  • All these gloves can be used conveniently and safely by healthcare professionals in laboratories, dentistry, and hospitals.
  • They are suitable for use by experts and practitioners of cosmetics and beauty, as well as by workers in the food industry.

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