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Genco Tibbi - Nasal Packing

Scientific name
Nasal tampons
Emergency Medicine
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Medical line
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PVA ENT DRESSING UNOPORE PVA is a highly advanced biocompatible syntheticmaterial. It's produced by a chemical reaction resulting in crosslinkedpolyvinyl alcohol with a completely open cell structure. Thefinal PVA sponge material has 100% open pores in its structure withno dead-end pockets to hold residues. We are manufacturing all nasal epistaxis sinus otology and other dressing sizes. UNOPORE is made of PVA (Polyvinylalcohol) expansible sponge. Soft comfortable and conforming use. Vacuum processed sterile packaging ensuring long and safe protection. Easily trimmed with scissors or by hand. Micro pore size minimizes tissue ingrowth. Capable to absorb 25 times of its own weight. Expansion capability under mucosal pressure. UNIPORE is biocompatible. Some of the Nasal packing features Soft sponge provide uniform support and pressure Maintain moist wound environment promote wound healing Avoid adhesion reduce second trauma Easy to handle No pain on application and removal Safe no side effect PVA Nasal Packs Key Features: Specifically designed for use after septal turbinate and rhinoplasty surgery Provides gentle equal pressure within the nasal cavity when absorbing post-operative bleeding Manufactured from ultra-smooth biocompatible PVA sponge for improved patient comfort Available with Integral airway tube for improved venting and reduced risk of obstruction

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