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Genco Tibbi - Bone Wax

Scientific name
Bone wax
Orthopedics Surgery
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Medical line
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It is a nonabsorbable product used for providing hemostasis in bleeding bone. It may be used in podiatric surgery in areas of bleeding bone where bone healing and soft tissue attachment are not desired. As in any material implanted within body tissues bone wax has possible side-effects. These may include foreign body reaction or increased susceptibility to infection. UNOWAX is a haemostatic bone wax which is manufactured from natural beeswax. UNOWAX enables to control the bleeding on the bone tissues via forming a mechanical barrier. UNOWAX is packed with double packaging of 2.5 grams which ensures 5 years of shelf life and sterilized by gamma radiation.A sterile bees wax based compound for bone hemostasis. Soft kneadable and ready to use. Uses: It is used to control bleeding in procedures that involve cutting through bones such as thoracic neurosurgery orthopedic oral and maxillofacial surgeries. This nonbleached beeswax is soft and easy to form and apply. Each easy-to-open foil package contains 2.5 grams of wax. Advantages Ultra soft material ensures excellent malleability Smooth consistency enables easy application Only a small amount is required to reach hemostasis

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