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CellRight Technologies, - Matrix OI Strip

Scientific name
Cancellous DBM strips
Orthopedics Surgery
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United States
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Matrix OI Strip is 100% DBM osteoinductive cancellous strip (various sizes available). The product is verified for osteoinductivity every lot post-sterilization in-vivo & in-vitro testing. In-vitro test results demonstrate up to 19x the native BMP-2 level as measured against the BMP-2 control. The product can be hydrated with whole blood Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA) Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) sterile saline antibiotic or other cellular therapy according to a surgeon's well-informed medical judgement. The product handles well under irrigation. The product can be used for posterolateral lumbar spinal fusions used to pack spinal cages and used to pack disc space according a surgeon's well-informed medical judgement. The CEO of CellRight Technologies is the co-inventor of the demineralized cancellous sponge-like products.

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