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CellRight Technologies, - Matrix OI Filler

Scientific name
Cancellous bone chips
Orthopedics Surgery
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United States
Medical line
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Matrix OI Filler is 100% DBM osteoinductive cancellous chips (2mm-6mm particulate size). The product is verified for osteoinductivity every lot post-sterilization in-vivo & in-vitro testing. In-vitro test results demonstrate up to 19x the native BMP-2 level as measured against the BMP-2 control. The product can be hydrated with whole blood Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA) Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) sterile saline antibiotic or other cellular therapy according to a surgeon's well-informed medical judgement. The product handles well under irrigation. The product comes in a jar or syringe (product can be hydrated in the syringe). A surgeon can deploy the product from the syringe through the open bore by removing the entire cap of the syringe. The CEO of CellRight Technologies is the co-inventor of the demineralized cancellous sponge-like products.

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