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BlueKit Medical - Single-use Orthopedic Procedure Pack

The orthopedic instrument pack by BlueKit Medical Limited, based in UK - Europe, is a medical pack that includes many items helpful to manage the surgical area during orthopedic surgery.

Scientific name
Single-use orthopedic instrument kits
Orthopedics Surgery
Made in
United Kingdom
Medical line
Sold to
  • Hospital
Selling points
  • CE Mark Certified
  • GMP Certifed
  • ISO Certified
  • High Quality Products

Product overview

Based in UK - Europe,  BlueKit Medical Limited are a manufacturer of medical equipment and medical consumables for use in surgical procedures in the operating room.

The products in this orthopedic instrument pack kit are made carefully to ensure safety and meet the needs of nowadays procedures and applications.  

This kit includes many tools and products such as bandages, retractors, forceps, clamp towe, sterile field, sponge stick, tray, gallipot, blade, scissors, needle holder, drapes, gauzes, kidney dish, and more.

About the company

BlueKit medical company is an experienced supplier of different packs for surgical procedures which are prepared according to a broad knowledge in the surgical workspace and procedure needs.

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