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Berger medical - Silicone Metatarsal Pad with Silicone Spreader

The silicone metatarsal pad with silicone spreader - VISCOLIFE KMP by Berger Saglik, based in Turkey - Europe, can be used every day for better foot care.

Scientific name
Metatarsal pads
Made in
Medical line
Sold to
  • Medical practice
  • Rehabilitation center
Selling points
  • CE Mark Certified
  • ISO Certified
  • Well-represented Worldwide
  • Competitive Prices

Product overview

Berger Saglik is a medical equipment manufacturer, based in Turkey - Europe specialized in orthopedics

which includes the VISCOLIFE KMP pad is indicated for several conditions like foot pain, blisters, broken metatarsals, corns, calluses, Morton neuroma, and healing fracture. It is designed with a built-in toe spreader which is helpful to minimize discomfort between toes while keeping the pad in position.

Main benefits of the product

  • Helps to minimize pressure on the forefoot and increases the wearing comfort.
  • Suitable for everyday use or during sports.
  • Lowering the unwanted effects of weight bearing.
  • Helps to avoid friction and painful rubbing during walking.

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