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Berger medical - Orthopedic Contour Pillow - Viscolife XY

The orthopedic contour pillow - Viscolife XY by Berger Saglik, Turkey, is used for rehabilitation and post surgeries.

Scientific name
Orthopedic pillows
Orthopedics & Orthotics
Made in
Medical line
Sold to
  • Hospital
Selling points
  • CE Mark Certified
  • ISO Certified
  • Well-represented Worldwide
  • Competitive Prices

Product overview

Berger Saglik is a medical equipment manufacturer, based in Turkey - Europe specialized in orthopedics

which includes the Viscolife XY pillow offers support for the natural curve of the neck. It is designed with a contour shape for better alignment of the spine and neck.

Product features

  • Designed with 2-in-1 shape to support the lower and higher contour in an excellent way.
  • Designed with visco-elastic memory foam to cradle the neck and head.
  • Made of high quality ventilated foam for better airflow and maximal comfort.
  • Made of Easily washable and removable natural fabric.
  • Resistant to allergens like bacteria, dust mites, and mold.
  • Antimicrobial.
  • Adapts well to the contours and weight of the neck and head.
  • Helps to avoid snoring and relieve from stress and insomnia.

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