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Berger medical - Ankle and Foot Immobilizer - BERGER FG-FOOT

The ankle and foot immobilizer - BERGER FG-FOOT by Berger Saglik, based in Turkey - Europe, is beneficial for pronation and over supination at the ankle joint.

Scientific name
Foot immobilizers
Orthopedics & Orthotics
Made in
Medical line
Sold to
  • Medical practice
  • Rehabilitation center
Selling points
  • CE Mark Certified
  • ISO Certified
  • Well-represented Worldwide
  • Competitive Prices

Product overview

Berger Saglik is a medical equipment manufacturer, based in Turkey - Europe specialized in orthopedics

which includes the BERGER FG-FOOT immobilizer offering a comfortable way to correct internal and external rotation and over supination and pronation at the ankle joint.  

Main benefits of the product

There are several benefits from using this product. These can be summarized in the following:

  • Helps to control foot posture during rest
  • Helps in fracture and sprains condition
  • Eliminates excessive movement.
  • Stabilizes the ankle while resting

Product characteristics

  • Made with 3 mm thick polythene
  • Clean and comfortable
  • Includes removable terrycloth pads
  • Includes a T shaped splint for easy adjustment of balance and height of the foot

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