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Berger medical - Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace - GENULIFE XB

The adjustable hinged knee brace - GENULIFE XB by Berger Medical, based in Turkey - Europe, is used in orthotics and orthopedics to support the knee.

Scientific name
Knee orthoses
Orthopedics & Orthotics
Made in
Medical line
Sold to
  • Medical practice
  • Rehabilitation center
Selling points
  • CE Mark Certified
  • High Quality Products

Product overview

Based in Turkey - Europe, Berger Medical is a medical consumables manufacturer specialized in orthotics and orthopedics. They provide the adjustable hinged knee brace - GENULIFE XB which is indicated for the following conditions:

-        Post-operative

-        Ligament damage

-        Arthritis

-        Soft tissue damage

-        Contracture

-        Patellar fracture

-        After ACL, PCL, MCL or LCL operation

-        Patella stabilizer

-        Dislocation,

 Product benefits 

-       Made of aluminum bar with neoprene strap

-       Sticky cloth straps for convenient fit and proper stabilization

-       Angle adjustment lock for suitable knee joint motion

-       Adjustable length to suit wearing on both both the left and right legs 

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